EMC/EMI Solution

We Know Your EMI/EMC Challenges

Electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatibility are the two major challenges of modern electronics. And if you’re an electronics manufacturer or a distribution company, you need to ensure that your products comply with all applicable regulatory requirements.

The challenges faced by EMI/EMC Solutions are very diverse. A variety of solutions are available to address these challenges.

Why Choose Us

Our expertise includes a full range of design, analysis, and test services. We specialize in providing market-leading support and expert guidance to clear various EMI tests and compliance requirements. Clients include government agencies, commercial entities, military organizations, manufacturers of consumer electronic devices, medical equipment providers etc.

What AronLabz Offers

  1. Complete circuit design verification & schematic review
  2. Thorough PCB review to identify the weak points
  3. PCB redesign, component selection and testing support
  4. Standard compliance activities for UL and CE certification