Aronlabz is focused on making End-to-End Wi-Fi connectivity solutions a success. The group focuses on the design, development, validation, end to end badging, and publication of such Wi-Fi-based connectivity solutions.


Our Zigbee wireless technology that supports automation, allows many home security and smart home devices to interconnect in a single system.


Our NB-IoT solutions dramatically improves network efficiency, increasing the capacity to support a massive number of new connections using only a portion of the available spectrum. This efficiency, in turn, minimises power consumption enabling battery life of more than ten years.


LORA is a long range, low power, and low latency communication system which we embedded into our products also deployed for military applications. It is designed to provide reliable communications over long distances in the absence of line-of-sight. LORA can be used for voice or data transmissions and it has a variety of use cases including surveillance, command and control, coordination, and logistics. We have developed LORASAT for long range multi device connection were distance matters.

What AronLabz Offers

  1. Custom Wireless system development
  2. Scientific Research & Development
  3. Inspection
  4. Military grade output
  5. Engineering
  6. Wide variety of wireless solution
  7. Product Development